Edinburgh TweetUp Hatches

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Blogging, Scotland, tweetups, Working Nomads
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I attended my first ever tweetup in Edinburgh last weekend. A great experience all round. This took place in St Giles Cafe (and NOT the St Giles Cathedral Cafe where I first went – which reminds me, £5 for a thimble of coffee and slab of oozy lemon cake, WTF??) near the Mound on the somewhat tenuous pretext of combining it with a visit to the Taste of Spain event nearby.

Here’s the assembled throng:

edinburgh tweetup July 2010

Edinburgh travel bloggers

I confess to being a little apprehensive beforehand. I had visions of everyone hunched over their notebooks engrossed in frantic tweet streams-of-consciousness, but thankfully it was a lot more ‘normal’ than that. Just a regular bunch of friendly travel bloggers enjoying a drink on an irregularly clement day in Embra, swapping tips, stories and gossip.

So then, let’s meet the Tweepers themselves now shall we?

Featuring, in no particular order, Kash Bhattychara from europebudgetguide.com

Kash from europebudgettraveller

Kash from Europe Budget Guide

Steve Jack from walking holiday specialists InnTravel (sister company of Great Railway Journeys, take note fellow rail fans!) up for the day from York to Edinburgh enjoying a Duechars.

Steve Jack

Steve Jack from InnTravel

Karma from Simply Bhutan, with husband and visiting friend.

Karma Simply Bhutan

Karma from Simply Bhutan

And little old me

Jools Stone

Tis I, Jools Stone

Our fantastic host who organised all this, Karen Bryan from Europe Ala Carte , stayed behind the lens and conveniently forgot to get in on the photo action!  We’ll get you next time Karen.

Mention should also be made of Danielle from Edinburgh Foody who did pop along at some point, but we managed to miss her. Sorry Danielle!  Anyone remotely interested in local nosh and booze should certainly pop along to her blog. Needless to say that a fine old time was had by all, business cards were swapped and vague plans were hatched to make it a regular event.  Stuff we blethered about included:

  • Whether being a full-time travel blogger was financially sustainable
  • And whether all this ‘working nomad’ stuff was a bit overblown really
  • How we all balance home life with the urge to travel as much as we can
  • Press trips – the pros and cons, and how to get them!
  • Edinburgh and its manifold diversions

Being new on the scene, it was particularly pleasing to meet a  few friendly folk on my doorstep.  I implore you to check out all their lovely blogs and sites, follow their tweets, book their ads and holidays, camp outside their houses, rifle through their bins and steal their pets’ under garments…or something.

Have you enjoyed similar tweetups or are there any more coming up that you know of in the UK, Europe or wherever you are in the world?  Do share below people and let’s hatch some plans.

Happy travels


  1. Steve Jack says:

    Nice post, Jools – a good record of an enjoyable event. Really nice to meet you & the other tweeters. I’d say ‘keep in touch’, but – being social media animals – it won’t be difficult! 🙂

  2. James Pegg says:

    Have been rummaging through your blogs jools and they are brilliantly put together; perhaps if my persistance pays off I may join your throng of Edinburgh travel bloggers for tea-thimbles some day … 🙂

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